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The days when this moon center is active are the best of the month. You are at your best: balanced, self-assured and authoritative. You approach the world with confidence, you are more understanding and you don’t let your emotions get the best of you. More importantly you are closest to your truth, to your uniqueness, and it gives you strength. Things seem to flow and fall into place perfectly. This is a good time for making decisions, doing presentations and exceeding yourself. And you do all of these things effortlessly. You’re on a roll.

Ear Lobes

When the lunar energy focuses on the center, the emphasis is on rationality and values. What is important to you? How can you achieve it? This is a time when you are at your most analytical, ready to debate the things that really matter. Its a good time to do political work or discuss what values you want to uphold at work or at home.You get things done.


This is a time for paying attention to what passes your lips. What do you say? How does the communication go? How have the gift of gab on days like these, which is nice, because your words carry weight and people listen to you. However this is two-fold as your words can uplift or alienate so you need to use your sensitivity and be cautious. If in doubt be silent. On the plus side, your lips are extra sensual, so these are days for kissing!


When the moon center is in the vagina you are social and outgoing, but it has a deeper quality to it as well. You want to connect in a more intimate way and spend time with others to find the core issues and the essence of life.This won’t always work so you may feel the need to be by yourself in which case its a great time to meditate.


You are charming, sociable and outgoing. This is a good time to wear a new dress to a party, make new friends, cease the moment. With the moon energy in this center, its not a good time to balance your checkbook or analyze your relationships at home or in the workplace. Go out and use the moon energy to make new contacts and expand your network.


Eyebrows are sensitive, so when the moon exerts her influence there, you are dreamy. You have imagination, you’re creative and you fantasize away. Write, sing, make music, paint, try something new. Dream about the future, now is the time.


The “pinks of the cheeks” can be a tricky time because you have a tendency to be emotional, fickle or unpredictable. You say things you don’t mean, or they come out wrong, and it will literally bring a blush of shame to your cheeks. This is a time for self-discipline and regulation.

Try to count to ten before blurt something out, and put off buying things until you’re absolutely sure you need them. Emotional situations are best avoided right now.

Breasts and Nipples

When the lunar energy is in this center, its a sensitive and intimate period. You are open to others, warm and compassionate. A surprise for a loved one, a pan of soup for your neighbour, a helping hand at school you do it all with love. But be careful, don’t promise too much and only do what you can handle, because the lunar energy will shift away in a couple of days.

Back of the Neck

This is a time of carefree joy, a time without limits. It’s good for brainstorms, making plans and giving free reign to your imagination. You may be less patient with precision work or setting boundaries. You feel like flirting and taking risks. You may be a little capricious, but you get away with it.

Naval center/lower back

When this moon center is activated, you may feel insecure and very vulnerable to criticism. This is a good time to take a step back and recharge your batteries. Try meditation, writing in your journal, reading a good book, dancing or seeing a movie. Allow inspiration to come to you.


When the moon center is in the thighs, you’re bursting with energy. These are wonderfully productive days; you get up early, you’re in a flow and you get a lot accomplished. You’re eager to cross off all the things on your to-do list. Great for tidying up loose ends, but also to start planning new projects.

All the moods described for the moon centers are moods that everyone has, and its nice to know that they will never last longer than two and a half days.

Men are more in tune with the sun and they only have one moon center which is the chin. The sun is a steady, unchanging, powerful energy source, but the moon goes through cycles. That explains some of the difference between men and women.

Keep track of your moon centers by noticing the energy of your moon centers during the phases of the moon, a 28 day cycle. Copy the attached chart and keep track of your behaviour when the moon energy focuses on one of your sensitive moon zones. Observe yourself and try to discover a pattern in your behaviour which will guide you to making the optimal decisions for your best self at the best point in the moon’s cycle.

Moon Zone Chart
Moon Center Mandala


Jivan Joti Kaur Khalsa. The Eleven Moon Centers of the Woman: This Article is based on her book, The Art of Making Sex Sacred.

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