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How does In The Moment exude wellness purely by it’s design and decor?

Wellness focused interior design realizes that our environment can greatly influence our physical health, as well as our emotional. It involves the following elements:

1. lighting

2. sustainable materials

3. air and sound quality

4. space planning

5. neutral colour palettes

6. biophilic design

7. texture

8. indoor/outdoor space integration.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, anxiety and depression are the most common mental health complaints. However many interior design techniques and approaches have been shown to reduce stress and depression.

Creating Spaces for being together as well as being apart can increase mental health. At In The Moment we offer both of these options. If you look at our dining banquet, kitchen island, and great room conversation area, we have clearly demonstrated the “being together” aspect.

However we have also created reading nooks (both inside and out) where guests can retreat to self-reflect and meditate based on their needs. We also provide coffee table and self-reflection books for our guests for downtime or relaxing moments before sleep. We also provide yoga and wellness-based puzzles for their enjoyment.

To understand what brings us comfort and puts us at ease in a room, here are a few guiding concepts:

1. Too much emptiness causes stress levels to rise.

2. However, spaces that are disorganized or visually chaotic, also cause stress.

The right temperature of light at the right time of day is essential for regulating our circadian rhythms and helping us sleep better.

Texture is very important to calming the mind since the act of looking at something stimulates

the same sensations as interacting with it. It is also one of the most important elements of a comforting and safe space that allows oneself to explore their inner beings. And right now, amid the social distancing requirements of Covid, it’s even more important, as people are not able to have as much physical contact as they want.

At In The Moment, we have filled our space with items that invite our guests to touch them. This is an intuitive reaction to their desire for comfort.

The ritual of setting a beautiful table, and having something nourishing has a very tranquil effect.

In The Moment uses biophilic design techniques to provide a connection to nature for our guests. Tons of research has been conducted that shows plants offer a plethora of benefits to living spaces.They boost creativity and concentration, help rid the air of toxins, and simply help you relax just by looking at them. Studies have shown that looking at houseplants for as little as three minutes can reduce stress levels. Other studies have shown that nature promotes healing and has therapeutic effects on people. Being in natural landscapes has been shown to reduce stress and mental fatigue.. Listening to the sound of the water (through indoor fountains or being by a natural body of water) has an even more profound effect on stress reduction.

At In the Moment, to further enhance the natural connection, we have thoughtfully placed floor to ceiling windows that that face the beach and our outdoor patio. This allows our space to blur the line between indoors and out.

A very popular, more New Age-y, decor addition is crystals. Long popular with people who incorporate Eastern traditions into their wellness approach, crystals are a universe unto themselves with a near-infinite amount of different types. And each of them offers a unique healing benefit.

Pinterest predicts a huge increase in the use of crystals for 2022. Some of the uses can be protection which would be the obsidian crystal, protecting the home would be rose quartz, and protecting work areas would be pyrite. At In The Moment we have named all of our bedrooms after crystals with a brief description of the healing properties associated with each one. We also put crystals at the entrance of our space as this welcomes new energy and opportunities. A few of our favourite for inviting more abundance are citrine, amethyst and pyrite.

Crystals can also be helpful tools in cultivating connections to one’s spirituality and intuitive gifts, which in turn facilitates inner healing. We place crystals in our meditation space and our guests are meant to hold or focus on those crystals while they are meditating. Some of our favourite stones for this purpose are amethyst, aquamarine, and lapis lazuli.

If you are looking to cultivate inspiration and passion, which are connected to fire in Feng Shui, place red crystals like garnet and carnelian in your home.

Natural crystals come from the earth so they have a more grounding that encourages stability. These crystals would be tiger’s eye and tourmaline.

In order to deepen your inner self-love connection, I would recommend a crystal that connects to the energy of the heart, like rose quartz or amazonite. You can place this crystal on your nightstand or somewhere else in your bedroom, that is meaningful to you. Alternatively, you may also want to wear one of these crystals close to your heart, like on a necklace.

Our colour palette is neutral with natural tones. Neutral colours on walls with accents of green, blue, and earth tones that we tend to vary with the different seasons.

We never underestimate the healing power of natural light, which floods our space almost all day as In The Moment has a southern-facing beachfront.

At night we add soft LED bulbs for a more relaxing ambiance.

We have transformed our outdoor spaces into calm, and rejuvenating oases with different zones based on the activity taking place there. We have areas for dining, relaxing, and meditation. Our outdoor areas are surrounded with green plants, and wood or rattan furniture. Our outdoor furniture cushions are Sunbrella which are water and sun resistant. Outdoor rugs finish off our vignettes and add warmth and coziness to the spaces.

Architectural Spaces Directly Affect Human Emotions and Promote the Natural Process of Healing. Light & Colour also play a vital role in sensory design in terms of the visual effects that promote spiritual wellness. This is what In The Moment is all about.

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