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In honour of World Labyrinth Day which is this Saturday May 1st, I would like to tell you about the healing powers of this physical form of meditation. Every year on the first Saturday in May, thousands of people around the world participate in this moving meditation for world peace and celebration of the labyrinth experience. Everyone is encouraged to walk their labyrinth at 1 pm local time to "create a rolling wave of peaceful energy across the globe."

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the labyrinth gatherings are now virtual and a lot of people are using finger walking labyrinths in place of the traditional walking labyrinths. In spite of the pandemic restrictions, people are still using labyrinths, in various forms, for their clarity and balance. For a majority of walkers (66%-82%) labyrinth walking increased levels of relaxation, clarity, peace, centeredness, openness, quiet, reflectiveness, and reduced levels of anxiety, stress and agitation. All of these healing elements will lead to self-alignment and consciousness which are the founding principles of In The Moment Crystal Beach.

Before starting their walk, many people set an intention which they focus on during their path to the centre of the labyrinth. They spend as much time as they desire in the centre of the labyrinth, taking in the energy of the universe, and their walk out of the centre to the outer edge is their journey back into their daily life. Often times people's intention in walking the labyrinth is "to let something go" and by the time they leave the path they have relinquished whatever they wanted to let go of.

I would like to share this Ted Talk video with you so that you can integrate labyrinth walking into your life and reap the benefits of this ancient meditative practice that is gaining popularity in modern times. It has many applications, including health care settings that promote well-being, in addition to wellness sanctuaries as our own In The Moment.

We hope you enjoy it.

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