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House Etiquette and Locators


WiFi Login

WiFi Network: thematrix

Password: @trinity2020

If you experience any connectivity issues, please do not reset the modem. Try unplugging the unit and plugging it back in to reset itself and try again in a few minutes. The modem is located on the fireplace mantel.



The TV is a Smart TV and also has a cable package with Cogeco. If you are experiencing complications, please ensure that you have scrolled through all of the available inputs/sources on the TV remote as television. Please also ensure that all appropriate equipment is plugged in and turned on. 


There is a thermostat on the wall by the powder room on the main floor.



The BBQ is available seasonally (May through September) for use and runs on propane. The propane tank may or may not have fuel left from a previous guest. We are happy to loan our BBQ to guests, but food must be scraped/brushed off all racks and any food and/or large amounts of grease that has fallen underneath requires clean up before you go to avoid additional cleaning fees. 

Fire Pit

The Fire Pit runs on a natural gas direct hook up and must be turned off.

Beach Access

This home has private beach access that is only shared with the additional unit on the property. We have provided you with beach chairs and an umbrella to help you to enjoy your stay. 


We kindly request that you share the beach space with our other guests so that you can both enjoy your holiday.

Please note that In the Moment Private beach only extends along the lines of the property itself. Our neighbours on both sides have their own private beach access as well. 

White Structure
Things to note


There is ample parking for up to five vehicles, inclusive of both suites, along the main driveway leading up to the house.

Quiet Enjoyment

Our luxury home is in a residential area and appreciate that noise is kept to a minimum between the hours of 11pm to 9am as per town by-law. 


Please note that the washer and dryer are there for your use, should you need them. 

Garbage Disposal

When the garbage and recycling is full you can place it in the garbage compound in the large bins located alongside the shed outside. Two black bins for garbage and two black bins for recycling as labelled. 


We strive to ensure that we recycle where possible therefore properly sorting recycling into the bins is appreciated.    

Please note that all garbage should be stored with bin lids firmly secured at all times to prevent raccoons and other animals from accessing the garbage. They are cute, but leave a huge mess ☺ 

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